Using MASH in Maya | How to Create Eyelashes

To provide a procedural animation workflow as well as modeling, Autodesk Maya’s motion graphics toolkit was developed. With the addition of tools such as Placer and World Nodes that are used for modeling, the complex task becomes simpler and faster.

Creating or adding eyelashes on a character model using MASH in Maya is a good example of these tools application. Using MASH makes it easy to get distributions along curves. The strength maps settings are a great way to get finer control over a lot of other attributes. This makes it a pretty fast solution for placing eyelashes on a model.

Let’s get started:

Using MASH in Maya | How to Create Eyelashes

Create a simple cube and extrude it a few times to give it a shape as desired.


Once the hair is ready, let the edges there where your eyelashes to then go to Modify, Convert polygon edges to curve. Now select the hair MASH and create a MASH network.


Insert a curve node and drag the curve into the input curve. In distribution, reduce the distance x to zero and in curve reduce the animation speed to zero and increase the step to 1

Now, insert a random node and decrease the position x,y back to zero and increase the random x,y and z as desired.
You can always increase the number of points in distribution as desired.


To change the scale, decrease the strength as desired.


Play with the settings until you are happy with the result. To decrease the size from both ends, insert an offset node.


Change the mode to overwrite and disable position and rotation.


Add a texture in strength map and insert a ramp.

That’s it. Congratulations, you just created or added eyelashes on a character model.

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