Thor Review

Just before Thor was released, I have prepared for it. From the trailers itself, I expected Thor to be a great movie. So on its first day of showing, I was one of the many fans who lined up to watch our superhero.

Just as the movie starts, the action was really fantastic as well as the visual effects. I was at the edge of my sit the entire time. Anthony Hopkins did a great job as Odin. I really love the way he acts and you can feel the fatherly love he gave for both his sons.

Tom Hiddleston who played Loki was superb. His acting is really top notch. You can feel the darkness inside him and his real feelings for his brother. You can feel the jealousy and greed in his eyes.

thorAnd of course, Chris Hemsworth as the Mighty Thor. Well he is new and not very popular but his acting as the Mighty Thor is outstanding. His facial expressions are there especially when he is showing his arrogance and selfishness. I really love the way he acts and he really defines the role. He makes me laugh on scenes that is supposed to be funny.

The fight scenes are terrific. I was able to see the scenes I have seen on cartoon series of Thor as well as comics. I love the camera view when Thor was flying with his hammer towards room where his father lies to save him from Loki. The battle between Thor and Loki however is not very good. It is too short and not very action packed.

Overall, I say the movie Thor is 9.5 out of 10. I highly recommend it. Thor is not like other Marvel primer movies that are a bit slow.

Watch the Thor trailer movie below

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