The Hills Cancelled

The Hills Cancelled! The MTV’s hit series “The Hills” is cancelled after one more season. MTV said the sixth and last season of The Hills will begin April 27 where twelve new episodes will be aired before the popular reality soap calls it quits.

MTV hit reality show The Hills is Cancelled
MTV hit reality show The Hills is Cancelled

The Hills has been one of MTV’s most popular series, and has made stars out of featured couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. Tony DiSanto, MTV Programming President, promised the series would go out on a high note with drama, emotion and “an organic culmination of this saga.”

The fifth season of “The Hills” was one of the top 10 original series on cable TV last year. A DVD of that season will go on sale the same day as the sixth season begins. On this new and last season of The Hills, Spencer Pratt will unfortunately not be on the show. Pratt said he’s joining the cyber crimes counterterrorism unit to help prevent crimes over the interwebs.

In reality, he literally threatened to kill one the producers of The Hills, and was booted off the show and given anger management courses.

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