Photo Matching Setup in Sketchup

Photo matching in Sketchup is very useful when you want to model based on a photograph. This is one of the unique features in Sketchup that makes it stand out from other 3d software.

Our friend Tony Gushanas‏(@designerhacks) shared on Twitter today this useful tutorial on How to setup photo matching in Sketchup. He also included a tutorial video on his site for reference. (Posted below)

So, what is Photo Matching in Sketchup?

As mentioned above, Photo matching lets you model from a photograph that you import in Sketchup.The 3d perspective is matched from a 3d photograph that allows you to model over the image and get it to aesthetically look the same. Cool huh? From there, you can rotate it and model normally.

Photo matching in SketchUp isn’t meant to be used solely by itself. It’s a great starting point, but it’s nearly impossible to model without rotating around and modeling traditionally.

How to Import a Match Photo

To import a matching photo simply go to… Camera>Match New Photo… (See image below)

Alternatively, you can go to.. File>Import, select your photo and check the Use as New Match Photo option (See image below)

Sketchup photo matching import alternative

Adjusting Your Perspective Lines

After successfully importing your photograph, you will need to set your perspective lines. Your red lines should match the lines on one face of your 3d object, and your green lines should match the lines on another face. Zoom in and out using the mouse to make sure your lines are as accurate as possible.

Adjusting The Scale

To adjust the scale of your perspective, left click on the blue axis, and drag up or down. You’ll see the grid lines expand or contract. In the above video, Tony rough in the scale using the size of the scale figure in the model next to his object.


If you know a measurement on your object, you can set your spacing to an exact increment, and then left click and drag on the blue axis to match your grid with the measurement you know. (see image below)


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