Health Care Reform Pros and Cons

Health Care Reform Pros and Cons – Do you also want to know the Health Care Reform Pros and Cons? Of course you do. You might be asking yourself, What Does The Health Care Bill Mean to Me? Here are answers for the million dollar question, What Does The Health Care Bill Mean to Me, Followed by Health Care Reform Pros and Cons.

Barack Obama health care reform bill has finally been passed, thinking of the endless possibilities that this Legislation can do to millions of Americans who are uninsured. See below for the details on this Health Care Reform Pros and Cons and on the answer to What Does The Health Care Bill Mean to Me.

Health Care Reform Pros:

  • Insurance for Everyone – This Health Care Bill will be able to help every person in the country to get an insurance that they can afford.
  • Pre-existing Conditions to be Covered –
  • Lower Prescription Costs
  • Equal Coverage for All
  • No financial Burden on Our Children
  • Care for the Elderly
  • Medical Malpractice Reform

Health Care Reform Cons:

  • The cost
  • Possibility of Health Care Providers Increasing Coverage Rates
  • Providers May Refuse to Accept Public Insurance

Now for the remaining question on the What Does The Health Care Bill Mean to Me?

This is a great opportunity to be able to get the insurance that you cannot afford, if you have problems with the Pre-existing conditions, This Heal Care bill will be helping you out on that, The main goals of this is to provide insurance to all people in the country.

Fire Nancy Pelosi!

Fire Nancy Pelosi! Fire Nancy Pelosi is one of the trending searches today as Americans were urged to unite by Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. Michael Steele wants to fire Nancy Pelosi after HR 3590 passed!

Upset with Pelosi and HR 3590, Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele has called for voters to fire Nancy Pelosi, and has taken to the GOP web site, as well as to online petitions in order to try and further his agenda. The Republican National Committee has organized an online “money bomb” with the target of raising just over $400,000 in the next forty hours to help defeat Pelosi.

It’s not a surprising act by Steele after the House of Representatives decided to pass HR 2950, and a typical response from the Republican Party during these trying times. Rather than address the concerns of someone from his party yelling out Bart Stupart a ‘baby killer’ during the House debate, he decided to go back on the attack, just a day after Republican sponsored Tea Party rallies that threw homophobic and racist remarks at Representatives.

When Michael Steele issues a statement, people tend to really listen to what he has to say. He speaks for the entire Republican Party, and after the vote on HR 3590 took place, he had some really choice words for not just House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but for voters and President Obama as well.

“It is time to fire Nancy Pelosi and send a message to President Obama that it’s time to stop their partisan liberal agenda of government takeovers and start working for Americans to create jobs and grow our economy.”

But the big question is, What Michael Steele intends to do about one of his representatives shouting out ‘baby killer’ during an official session of the House?

Bart Stupak Called A Baby Killer Video!

Bart Stupak Called A Baby Killer Video! Watch the controversial Bart Stupak Called A Baby Killer Video. During the long-day House debate, Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) was called a “baby killer” apparently by Republican members of Congress.

In an effort to disrupt the bill, the House Republicans introduced a “motion to recommit” that would have reintroduced the abortion amendment cosponsored by Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) and Rep. Joseph Pitts (R-Pa.).

Pro-life Bart Stupak rose to speak against the amendment saying that it was nothing more than an effort to deprive 32 million Americans of health insurance. Democrats rose to applaud the much-maligned Stupak.

“It’s your bill!” shouted several chastened members from the GOP side, as the chamber descended into chaos. Once order was restored, a GOP member then shouted at Bart Stupak: “Baby killer!”

“Who said that?!” demanded a Democrat.

The shouter was not identified, but one reporter in the gallery thought it was Rep. John Campbell (R-Calif.). It was not, he told reporters in the Speaker’s lobby as the vote on the amendment, which eventually failed by a vote of 199-232, was still going on.

“It was on the floor, but it wasn’t very far behind me,” Campbell told reporters. “But it was definitely on the floor, but it wasn’t me. I don’t think it’s appropriate at all.”

Campbell told reporters that it sounded as if it was said with a Southern accent. Rep. David Obey (D-Wisc.), who was presiding over the floor when the anonymous Republican member made the outburst, told reporters he knows who the offending lawmaker is but won’t name names.

“Members have a right to make an idiot of themselves once without being exposed.” says Obey.

Bart Stupak Called A Baby Killer Video

2011 Budget | President Obama 2011 Budget Proposal

2011 Budget | President Obama 2011 Budget Proposal

President Obama made his 2011 budget proposal today. At $3.8 trillion, it won’t trim deficits in the near future, but will focus on longer-term deficit reduction. Below are the 2011 Budget Details as Proposed:
$3.8 trillion total budget for fiscal year 2011 (it starts October 1)


  • $159 billion for wars in Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • $43.6 billion for Homeland Security
  • 20% more for Department of Veterans Affairs


  • $100 billion to combat unemployment and create jobs
  • A small business tax credit is in the works to encourage increased wages and hiring


  • $2.6 trillion revenue from taxes and other sources (18% more than 2010)
  • Tax cuts will remain for those making less than $250,000/year
  • Other tax cuts will expire December 31
  • The Making America Work tax cut will remain
  • Capital gains tax for new small business investments will end
  • Multinational corporations will pay $122 billion more on earnings they make overseas


  • $28 billion for the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (that’s 12% more than 2010)
  • $17 billion more for Pell grants.

More components

  • A big bank fee
  • No more subsidies for gas, oil, and goal producers
  • A 3-year spending freeze
  • Slashing or paring down 120 government programs (including the Army Corps of Engineers, 27 education programs, NASA, and more)

Based on Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Obama plans to rely on a new debt commission, created by executive order, to come up with recommendations on how to meet his promise to bring the figure down to the equivalent of 3% of GDP by 2015, according to budget analysts briefed on the proposal.