TheRookies: 8 Days to go until submission is closed

May 24, 2017
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Are you an aspiring artist? Do you want to get noticed by top studios or just wanted to showcase your work? If yes, then don’t miss out this once in a lifetime opportunity. Autodesk Maya just opened its door to students, designers, illustrators, filmmakers, animators, digital artists or a developer to showcase their talents around […]

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Using MASH in Maya | How to Create Eyelashes

May 18, 2017
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To provide a procedural animation workflow as well as modeling, Autodesk Maya’s motion graphics toolkit was developed. With the addition of tools such as Placer and World Nodes that are used for modeling, the complex task becomes simpler and faster. Creating or adding eyelashes on a character model using MASH in Maya is a good […]

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GarageFarm.NET Now Supports Solid Angle’s Arnold Core

May 11, 2017
Thumbnail image for GarageFarm.NET Now Supports Solid Angle’s Arnold Core sent out a news release today about their support for the new Solid Angle’s Arnold renderer version. The PR says the render farm now supports Arnold Core This is on top of the recent updates from the company whose been working continuously in supporting 3d artist with their render farm needs. The company […]

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How to Get SketchUp for FREE

May 9, 2017
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Whether you’re looking to shift careers or want to start with 3D design and animation, you will need to decide which software to use. However, there are few software out there that provides FREE downloads. If you are into architectural and interior design or landscape architectural design, Sketchup is the perfect software for you. SketchUp […]

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How to Skin Shading in Arnold Renderer for Maya

How to Skin Shading in Arnold Renderer for Maya May 3, 2017

This tutorial will walk you through skin shading using Arnold renderer for Maya. Scene files and texture can be downloaded here to be used as the starting point.The tutorial will also explore some of alSurface features by creating a skin shader and cover the basics linear workflow setup in Maya 2016 and MtoA. We’ll also […]

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How to Export an Optimized Image From SketchUp – A SketchUp Tutorial

howtoexportimagefromsketchup-sm April 27, 2017

Michael Lavalley, one of my favorite Sketchup artist posted on Twitter today a really helpful guide about how to export an optimized image from SketchUp. He also provided video guides for each setup which I think makes it easier to follow. As we all know SketchUp is a great program for 3D modeling and learning […]

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Photo Matching Setup in Sketchup

April 21, 2017

Photo matching in Sketchup is very useful when you want to model based on a photograph. This is one of the unique features in Sketchup that makes it stand out from other 3d software. Our friend Tony Gushanas‏(@designerhacks) shared on Twitter today this useful tutorial on How to setup photo matching in Sketchup. He also […]

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How to Increase 3DS Max Rendering Speed?

April 10, 2017
guide to speed up 3ds max rendering

Everybody wants to speed up their 3ds Max rendering, who doesn’t want to? If you are renting a 3ds Max render farm, this would mean saving more time and of course, render cost. If you have your own rendering machine, this would mean lesser render time and RAM usage. Not knowing how to optimize or […]

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Mental Ray and Iray Renderers no longer FREE with 3ds Max 2018

April 4, 2017

Autodesk has announced that it will no longer provide free Mental Ray and Iray Renderers with its 3ds Max 2018 release on April 12. Instead, users will get a free license of Solid Angle’s Arnold renderer as a replacement. The news comes as little surprise since Maya’s 2017 release also bundled Arnold instead of Mental […]

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Blender Rendering-Simple Animation

Thumbnail image for Blender Rendering-Simple Animation March 23, 2017

While doing my daily routine, I got this twitter alert about a retweet made by Blender NPR. It’s a simple animation shared by a twitter user named JoseFalko (@JoseFalko) entitled Animation March 13 #b3d. I find it really simple but beautiful. Watch these blender rendered animations shared by JoseFalko (@JoseFalko). Other Blender rendered stuff he […]

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