Obama Home Depot discussion on cash for caulkers!

Obama Home Depot discussion on cash for caulkers! President Obama will be hosting a discussion about his new home retrofitting proposal at a Home Depot store in the Washington D.C. area. The event will be invitation only, and will focus on “the economic impacts of energy saving home retrofits.” According to the White House press release, the President intends to “solicit ideas” from members of the labor, manufacturing and small business communities.

Last week, Obama asked Congress to create incentives for homeowners who make their property more energy efficient, a proposal he said would prod job creation, stimulate consumer spending and ease greenhouse-gas emissions.

“Insulation is sexy stuff. Here’s what’s sexy about it: saving money,” Obama said in remarks at a suburban Washington Home Depot Inc. store.

The president’s so-called “cash for caulkers” proposal is part of the White House’s plan to address the high unemployment rate and fight global warming ahead of President Obama’s trip to the Copenhagen climate-change summit later this week. The proposal would provide federal tax incentives to people who insulate their homes or purchase new energy-efficient appliances.

Lawmakers could include the measure in jobs legislation now being crafted.

“We want them to do it soon,” Obama said.

The President characterized the proposal as a quick way to put people back to work while saving money and cutting emissions.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing urged Congress to give products made in the U.S. preference in the proposal, an idea that could heighten the political debate.

“If the federal government provides home owners with incentives to purchase products stamped ‘Made in Mexico’ or ‘Made in Japan’ or ‘Made in China,’ will factories workers in America be called back to work? In most cases, energy-efficient appliances and retrofitting products manufactured overseas do not rely on American-made steel, rubber, glass, and other key inputs.”

Obama’s remarks follow the release of a report from Vice President Joe Biden that projected that the administration’s clean-energy policies would create 700,000 green jobs.

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