Kesha NiCole Nichols dumped by Richard Jefferson hours before their wedding!

Kesha NiCole Nichols was dumped by San Antonio Spurs star Richard Jefferson hours before their wedding. Richard Jefferson was set to marry his fiancee, beautiful dancer Kesha NiCole Nichols but in the last minute, he decided to change his mind.

Kesha NiCole Nichols was left stunned when she learned that her husband to be, Richard Jefferson, decided not to marry her at the last minute, leaving some surprised guests still showing up for the ceremony. Richard Jefferson called off the wedding 11 hours before the ceremony, but made the call two hours before the wedding was to take place telling his family and friends about his decision:

A friend says: “He called about two hours before the wedding. It was nuts. He never showed up at the hotel, but all his boys were there. He gave his best friend the Black Amex for the night.”

A family friend says Nichols, who called her family immediately when she learned Jefferson was bailing, was “not entirely caught off-guard,” by Jefferson’s sudden change of heart.

“She just wants to keep this as quiet as possible and move on. She’s doing just fine.”

Jefferson’s reason to call off the wedding is still unknown but we will surely know it in a few days.

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