How to Get SketchUp for FREE

Whether you’re looking to shift careers or want to start with 3D design and animation, you will need to decide which software to use. However, there are few software out there that provides FREE downloads. If you are into architectural and interior design or landscape architectural design, Sketchup is the perfect software for you.

SketchUp is a 3d modeling software for artists working on a wide range engineering drawings. So if you are into this type of projects, it’s you’re lucky day because SketchUp is offering FREE downloads. You can download old and new versions of the 3d software, so its entirely up to you which version to use.

After downloading and installing, you can Google for tutorials to get you started. Our friends from designerhacks has a bunch of SketchUp tutorials organized by skill level.You can also head on SketchUp resources for great tutorials.

Sketchup FREE Downloads

Version   ReleaseDeveloper
Sketchup Make 2017FreeWindowsMac11.07.16Trimble
Sketchup Pro 2017Paid WindowsMac11.07.16Trimble
Sketchup Make 2016Free WindowsMac11.17.15Trimble
Sketchup Pro 2016PaidWindowsMac11.17.15Trimble
Sketchup Make 2015Free WindowsMac11.04.14Trimble
Sketchup Pro 2015PaidWindowsMac11.04.14Trimble
Sketchup Make 2014Free WindowsMac02.28.14Trimble
Sketchup Pro 2014PaidWindowsMac02.28.14Trimble
Sketchup Make 2013Free WindowsMacMay 2013Trimble
Sketchup Pro 2013PaidWindowsMacMay 2013Trimble
Sketchup ViewerFree WindowsMacMay 2013Trimble
Sketchup 8Free WindowsMacSep 2010Google
Sketchup 8 ProPaidWindowsMacSep 2010Google
Sketchup 7Free WindowsMacNov 2008Google
Sketchup 7 ProPaidWindowsMacNov 2008Google
Sketchup 6Free WindowsMacJan 2007Google
Sketchup 5Free Windows--Google
SketchupFree Windows-Aug 2000
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