Fraud Alert

Fraud alert is important when there are suspicious transaction that is fraudulent to your credit information. Better fraud alert and detection means more identity theft protection for you.
Fraud Alert and detection

Why do you need Fraud Alert?

Receiving Fraud Alert on your credit file is very important if:

a) You have been a victim of identity theft.
b) You suspect you are or may soon be a victim of identity theft.
c) You are serving on active military duty.

A fraud alert can make it harder for an identity thief to open accounts under your name. Normally, when you have an alert on your credit report, a business will verify your identity before it issues credit, which means they may try to contact you.

Why Place A Fraud Alert?

Placing a Fraud Alert on your credit file is an important step to warn new and existing creditors that you are, or suspect you will soon be, a victim of identity theft. By warning existing and potential creditors, you reduce the risk of an identity thief opening new lines of credit or modifying existing lines of credit under your name. Additionally, a Fraud Alert may be used by anyone serving on active military duty to proactively protect them from identity thieves while they are serving on active duty.

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