Facebook Blamed For STD Rates Increase!

Facebook Blamed For STD Rates Increase! Social site Facebook is to be blamed for the rising of STD rates especially syphilis among social networking site users. However, Facebook come out and said that these claims are “ridiculous”, and does not have anything to do with the higher rates. Can Facebook be really blamed for a rising STD rate?

Daily Telegraph reports that the incidence of syphilis has quadrupled in the areas of Great Britain where the social networking site is most popular, causing some experts to wonder whether it’s paved the way for casual hookups.

Facebook however do not believe anything from this report is true – suggesting that they are not more at blame than other media outlets, such as newspapers.

Teesside public health director, Professor Peter Kelly said that his staff has linked the high rate of certain sexually transmitted diseases to those who use Facebook, as it has become the perfect place for people to meet sex partners.

The social networking site believes that these reports have been over exaggerated, and people should not read much into it.

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